Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health aim to raise awareness among employees in all economic sectors to a higher level, with the goal of reducing workplace injuries and the occurrence of work-related illnesses. To perform tasks in the field of occupational safety and health, Eurorad holds the appropriate licenses from the relevant ministry, as well as accredited methods of control certified by the Accreditation Body of Serbia.

Eurorad conducts theoretical and practical training for workers for safe and healthy work, as well as specialized training for safe work at heights, the use of personal protective equipment, and other training programs. Within the scope of occupational safety and health, Eurorad, with its experienced team of experts, offers the possibility of creating a Risk Assessment Document for the workplace and working environment.

The Risk Assessment Document is a document that includes a description of the work process with a risk assessment of injuries and/or health damage in the workplace, in the working environment, and measures to eliminate or reduce risks to improve safety and health at work. Risk assessment involves evaluating all factors in the work process that can cause workplace injuries, illnesses, or health damage, as well as determining the possibilities or methods of preventing, eliminating, or reducing risks.

We create the Risk Assessment Document in written form in collaboration with the employer, in accordance with the Law on Occupational Safety and Health and the Regulation on the Method and Procedure for Risk Assessment in the Workplace and Working Environment. In creating the Risk Assessment Document, our obligation is to consistently adhere to the prescribed assessment procedure:

Decision to initiate the procedure
Establishment of the risk assessment team and the compilation of the plan
Determination of general data about the employer, description of the technological and work process and work equipment, recording the organization of work, determining workplaces, and recording tasks within workplaces.
Recognition and identification of hazards in the workplace and the working environment based on employee interviews and personal observations.
Using the principles of analysis, an overall assessment is made of the general safety and health conditions at the employer, with special attention to the condition of facilities, communication, installations, work organization, analysis of human resources, and relationships in the work process.
For all identified workplaces, a complete risk assessment procedure is carried out, taking into account the space in which the work is performed, all work equipment, and all tasks performed at that workplace. With this approach, in a rational manner, the assessment covers all workplaces, all tasks, and all work equipment at the employer.

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Occupational Safety and Health – Excellent Offer

The company EuroRad from Belgrade proudly offers occupational safety and health services as a key component for enhancing productivity, safety, and well-being of your employees. Comprehensive protection of workers and workspaces has never been more important, and our team of experts is here to help you achieve the highest standards in this crucial aspect of your business.

Our occupational safety and health experts bring a deep understanding of the risks and challenges you face. Our service begins with a comprehensive assessment of workplaces and risk analysis to identify potential hazards. This analysis is crucial for creating personalized plans and solutions that precisely adapt to your industry and specific needs.


Occupational Safety and Health – Implementation

The implementation of preventive measures is the next step in our approach. We ensure that all standards and regulations are adhered to and that your employees are protected from potential risks. Additionally, our team provides expert advice on ergonomics and ways to improve working conditions.

Employee training is a crucial component of the “Occupational Safety and Health” service. Our experts will train your staff on safe work practices and procedures in case of emergencies, ensuring that everyone is prepared to respond to potential hazards.

EuroRad from Belgrade is your reliable partner for all your needs in the field of occupational safety and health. Invest in the productivity and safety of your company with our service, and ensure that your organization is on the right path to achieving the highest standards of safety and employee well-being. Your safety is our priority.

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