About us

Eurorad d.o.o. – Belgrade, was established in 2021, with a team of experienced professionals in the field of engineering preventive having many years of expertise. Our organization Eurorad is authorized to provide expert assistance in the areas of Occupational Safety and Health and Fire Protection in accordance with legal regulations, standards, and conventions.

Today, we represent a modern company, organized and technically equipped to meet the various demands of potential service users, placing us as a highly quality working organization of this kind in Serbia. Our team of highly educated experts in natural, technical, and legal sciences, with years of experience, represents a unique potential of our organization.

All our activities are directed towards the objective, impartial, and professional provision of services to users, focusing on the prevention of occupational safety and health and fire protection, while adhering to all regulations, international conventions, and recommendations. Our constant goal is continuous improvement.

Users of our services are our partners who help us achieve set goals now and in the future.